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Is it non-contact type hotel InnCocoSumu? Business for a short term long-term sightseeing in Kagoshima, Kirishima hotel

Is it Inn Coco Sumu? It becomes "the non-contact type hotel".

Room without meals 24 hours a day, every day complete manager residence

What kind of hotel is it? ? ?



After the reservation, the prior settlement completion

Is it Inn Coco Sumu? A guidance email is sent to the e-mail address that had you register more.

※I would like the registration of the e-mail address of the cell-phone. ※

When I have you confirm guidance email contents and will open up the URL in the email, application opens.

◆◆* * * I ask a guest ◆* * * *
When I have you open up exclusive application and choose "the prior check-in", and input (information editing), please do necessary customer information, after the arrival at the hotel, 10 times has a check-in procedure smoothly! !

As it is simple work
Of "the prior check-in" please cooperate.
◆◆* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After the arrival at the hotel
I start a check-in procedure using QR cord in the application for exclusive use of the difference in the URL in the email that I sent to a customer.

The check-in procedure is possible, but even an exclusive tablet of the hotel setting can check in at Hotel 1 kilo range simply when even an usually familiar cell-phone can complete customer information input using GPS.

※※ which may not be detected in the GPS setting situation

Is the check-out InnCocoSumu? Check-out is possible in one-touch in the exclusive application URL of mention in the email that has been sent by this.

Or I perform the movement mentioned above with the exclusive tablet of the hotel entrance, and there is no delivery of the key till the last from a beginning available for チェツクイン out.

After the check-in completion
Staying floor password
The Room number that is stayed at 
The password of the room key stayed at is issued.

As uptime is decided as for the password, I would like preservation.

"Basic facilities"
Refrigerator, microwave oven kettle dryer, air cleaner IOT-adaptive TV, washing machine common use (※ that there is not ※ detergent), gas dryer (common use)

"Free amenity"
Existence such as disposable toothbrush comb body towel throwaway slippers face bath towel bath mats

For SDGs garbage reduction
Take the thing which you can bring on staying.

Amenity vending machine setting (amenity coupler men) paid the first-floor entrance drink vending machine

If there are questions, please contact manager 080-4288-5536 casually.